FNF vs Sonic.EXE 2.0

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What is FNF vs Sonic.EXE 2.0?


This is the new and updated version of Friday Night Funkin' where Boyfriend battles against many different CreepyPasta versions of Sonic.EXE! With so much love, this mod will be amazing! Watch out for the remixes at 2:02, those are a lot harder than they originally were when you first started playing it. Also, there are some improved songs in this update like "Triple Trouble" which doesn't sound as sad anymore because no one can defeat that song.

This is no easy task! You have to perform really well and step into the shoes of Boyfriend once again in order to prove that you are still the best singer. But, it's not just about ability; it requires experience as well. The game isn't anymore difficult than before-you can actually do quite easily now that your skills improve with every performance. Good luck this time around!


  • Optimized it more.


  • Too Slow
  • You Can’t Run
  • Triple Trouble
  • You must beat the Story Mode to unlock Sound Test option in the Main Menu

Endless (12, 25)

Cycles (7, 7)

Faker (31, 13)

Black Sun (31, 13)

Sunshine (66, 6)

Chaos (8,21)

Too Fest (0,0)

Milk (Up, Down, Left, Right , Enter on title page to unlock)

All these songs will be listed in freeplay once you beat it.

Mod Credits:

Update 2 Creator

  • RightBurstUltra: Owner/Artist



  • CryBit: Main Programming:
  • Divide <3: Artist/Animator
  • Revie: Director/Art
  • MarStarBro: Composer:
  • Comgaming_Nz: Artist:
  • Razencro: Animator/Video Editor/Programmer/Charting/Artist:
  • Zekuta: Artist/Animator:
  • Vania: Composer:
  • UpTaunt: Composer
  • Stankfield: Animator/Artist
  • Madzilla: Charting/Vocals
  • Echolocated: Charting
  • JoeDoughBoi: Artist/Animator
  • KubiCorg: Animator
  • Erick Animations: Artist
  • ScorchVx: Artist
  • Rea: Artist/Animator
  • Arthur/ADJ: Artist
  • Ash: Coder
  • GhostBunBun: Artist/Animator
  • Squeak: Composer
  • Jamangar: Composer
  • Punkett: Composer/Charter
  • Jacaris: Composer
  • blueberry: Artist

Special Thanks

  • BrightFyre: helped out with programming trouble
  • PolybiusProxy: MP4 support
  • KadeDeveloper: for Kade Engine
  • Discord: Lots of discord servers for da help.
  • Cheese Farmer: bf sittin in cutscene lawl


You can download the original and OG version of the mod for your Cool Desktop PC here:

Original FNF Credit:

  • ninja_muffin99 – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite – TASTY MUSIC
  • AND everyone that contributed to the GitHub source.



FNF vs Sonic.EXE 2.0


You must hit the arrow keys in sync with the song’s beat.


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