FNF vs Indie Cross

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What is FNF vs Indie Cross?


Containing three new songs, each with a different level of difficulty, this time the game is more difficult than usual. You will have to battle through rap battles against BF and characters from the aforementioned games plus numerous special effects and gimmicky arrows that you can't press. GF does not appear as a spectator this time so you'll only see boyfriend as a character in FNF Indie Cross week. In the first song, you will face Cuphead with a nice musical melody. In the second song, you'll have to fight Sans from Undertale who ups his pace somewhat in contrast to our first cheerful tune. Finally we will encounter Ink Demon which becomes more terrifying as time goes on - arrows are fired at full speed offering a challenge and become quite intense towards the end of its tune.

The FNF Indie Cross MOD offers us a new design for the arrows, character animations to the rhythm of the music, and numerous unique special effects that give an incredible touch to its atmosphere. There are also various small bugs in this MOD but it is only demo version so we hope in future updates these will be fixed along with providing access to more content!


  • The Last Reel
  • Sensational
  • Snake Eyes

Note Mechanic

  • Blue Bone Notes: Must Avoid
  • Orange Bone Notes: Must Hit
  • Ink Notes: You should avoid it.
  • Sin Notes: Must Avoid

Mod Credit:

  • @MORO-IndieCrossDev: Project Leader/Animation/Cutscenes:
  • Crae – Cutscene help:
  • @JzBoyOfficial: Cutscene help/Animation/Art:
  • @SugarRatio– Art:
  • @-Cally3D– 3D Models
  • @Iku_Aldena– Art:
  • Diavololi – Art/Animation:
  • Nonsense Humor – Art:
  • @RiverOaken– Animation:
  • @BrightFyre– Lead Programmer:
  • @srperez– Programming:
  • @Sector03- Programming
  • @PolybiusProxy- Programming/Optimization
  • @ash5– Programming:
  • @isophoro- Programming
  • Gedehari – Programming
  • @KadeDev– Programming:
  • @YingYang48- Music
  • @Saruky__- Music
  • @Rozebud- Music
  • @Brandxns- Music
  • @BLVKAROT- Music
  • @bbpanzu- Music
  • @Tenzubushi- Music
  • @CDMusic- Music
  • @JoanAtlas- Music
  • @TheInnuendo- Music
  • @OrenjiMusic- Music
  • @Sub0ruStuff- Music
  • Mike Geno – Music
  • DAGames – Music
  • @CrystalSlime- Music
  • @ezhaltd- Music
  • @JellyFishEdm- Music
  • @AlchoholicDJ- Charting/Animation
  • @Cval- Charting
  • @Cerbera- Charting
  • @hexar_0- Charting/Programming
  • @kal05- Charting


  • Always and only download for your Desktop PC on here:

Original FNF Credit:

  • ninja_muffin99 – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite – TASTY MUSIC
  • AND everyone that contributed to the github source.



FNF vs Indie Cross


You should hit the arrow keys in synchrony with the song's rhythm.


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